Wall Decals - Dinosaurs

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How ROARSOME would it be to take your little boy's room back to the Jurassic park era?  Each dinosaur has been individually hand drawn and painted with lifelike body detailing to create a prehistoric world on your little one's wall.

These decals are available in both MEDIUM (Images 1-3)and LARGE (Images 4-5) pack options. 


Medium Pack (sheet size 129 cm x 43 cm)

Large Pack (sheet size 100 cm x 129 cm)


L: 49 cm  H: 44 cm

L: 80 cm  H:76 cm


L: 37 cm  H: 37 cm

L: 68 cm  H: 65 cm


L: 39 cm  H:27 cm

L: 70 cm H: 47 cm


L: 41 cm  H:26 cm

L: 70 cm H: 47 cm


L: 35 cm  H:18 cm

L: 61 cm H: 50 cm

Shrub 1

L: 7 cm  H: 9 cm

L: 21 cm  H: 25 cm

Shrub 2

L: 11 cm  H: 15 cm

L: 15 cm  H: 12 cm


How To Apply: 

1. Start off with a smooth, flat, clean surface. 

2. Peel the decal off the backing paper and stick on to the wall. 

3.To reposition, just lift an edge and peel them off.  


Important Information:

These decals can be applied to any flat, clean surface and then removed and reused many times over without leaving any adhesive residue behind. Not recommended for textured walls i.e. rough concrete/brick. Please note that newly painted walls need 4 weeks to outgas. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive stickers as they aren't always in stock and printed to order. 


Choking hazard- We recommend you keep them away from children under 3 years of age.